Nadia Dean is author of the book A Demand of Blood: The Cherokee War of 1776.

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Nadia Dean studied Media Arts with an emphasis in photography and film at the University of South Carolina. In Jerusalem, Nadia worked as a still photographer for the highly controversial PBS film Days of Rage. Her photographs of the Palestinian Intifada in 1988 were published in Time, The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune

Nadia interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu and Benni Begin for the D.C.-based political journal New American View (published by former CIA executive Victor Marchetti, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence). Her investigative reporting on Israeli government corruption included interviews with Israeli whistleblower Barry Chamish (The Fall of Israel, The Last Days of Israel).

In Washington, D.C., Nadia became a daily news correspondent reporting from the White House and the State Department for Emirates Dubai Television. As a member of the U. S. Senate and House of Representatives News Galleries, Nadia produced daily news for MBC (Middle East Broadcasting) covering U.S.-Middle East foreign policy. Special reports included an interview with Secretary of State Warren Christopher, and for the CNN World Report, a story about Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown's mysterious death. 

Nadia's first book, A Demand of Blood, chronicles the Cherokee War of 1776. Her film Cameron, based on the book, tells the story of loyalist Indian agent Alexander Cameron, who in 1776 suddenly becomes a hunted man. View trailer

“Takes us back to a time when the fields and woodlands of these mountains were filled not with the noise of traffic, construction and the schoolyard shouts of children at recess, but with the explosions of musketry, war cries and the dark silence following massacre and devastation.” (Read full review, History of Cherokee War is top notch, in Smoky Mountain News by Jeff Minick, April 17, 2013.)

“In a journey that brought her back hundreds of years through manuscripts, old letters and archives, [Nadia Dean] has uncovered a hero, written a book and shed light on one of the lesser understood times in American, Appalachian and Cherokee history.” (Read full article, A forgotten chapter: Author ventures into Dragging Canoe's rebel war against the whites, in Smoky Mountain News by Andrew Casper, April 10, 2013.)

A Demand of Blood is imaginative, gracefully written, and brimming with excellent research in archival sources. Nadia Dean powerfully conveys a visceral sense of eighteenth-century people and places and vibrantly recaptures the gritty realities of everyday life among Cherokees and colonists.”
David L. Preston, Professor of History, The Citadel Military College
“A masterful and eye-opening account of the intrigue and deception practiced upon the Cherokee by the British and Loyalists as well as by the American Patriots during the period of the American Revolution. A highly documented examination of an aspect of the struggle too-long ignored. This is a superb work.”

Ron Swain, Spartanburg Regional History Museum